More earthquake survivors cry for relief aid

By Khamar Kashoro, BUKOBA

Local residents in Kanyigo ward in Misenyi District called the government to set up temporary shelters to rescue those who lost homes or who are afraid to return to damaged ones.

Far away about 65 kilometres from Bukoba town,residents in Kashenye village near Lake Victoria earthquake survivors told Red cross volunteers that the government still silent in setting up tents and bringing medicines.

“I’ve never seen any government help since the earthquake hit my whole house” I’m a widow, I sleep with my four grandchildren in the kitchen, we are afraid of our damaged house” Yulita Eustace (66) said outside her house in Kashenye village

“Even the kitchen I think is not safe because some of its walls have cracks” she said adding

“The better shelter now is to live in tents”

She said her husband died in 1992 so she has nothing to do to rescue the situation saying “only God knows”. “I’ve no money to build a new house

Her neighbour Mr Jacob Makubo (60) whose house also half of it completely down said the situation in the village is worse saying the government must act now.

“My tenants who were living in this house now sleep in my neighbours’ houses. As you can see, I’m an old man I can’t build another house at this age” he said

He said the government must think of “temporary shelter” as immediate solution as the survivors awaiting official assessment and permanent solution.

For his part, the Kashenye area Chairman Mr  Charles Rukambaiga said many people in the village are affected and most of houses are badly damaged

“We are afraid of entering our houses because they are not safe” he said adding,

“These houses you see everywhere here are skeletons anytime can go down. We need immediate efforts and if not taken more serious by the government we expect more fatalities” he said

He said the local government has already made assessment for about 389 houses and all of these houses have found with big cracks