Tremoring: A child tells a tale of a 5.9 magnitude earthquake


By Khamar Kashoro.

Steven Sebastian (8) standard three has described a 5.9 magnitude earthquake as horrific saying he thought his grandmother house was moving to the middle of the road.

Sebastian a talkative slimy boy studies at Hosiana Primary school in Karagwe District. When the earthquake occurred he was enjoying a one month school holiday with his grandmother who he called as “Bibi Fraisca Buberwa”

“I saw the house moving to the road, first I thought it was a truck that has crushed to our house but when I got out I found even the land outside was shaking” he said

“My grandmother got outside quickly despite of her old age as a young girl and started calling neighbours to get out in vernacular language (kihaya”

Sebastian’s grandmother house is located along Bukoba-Uganda road at Rwamishenye suburbs within Bukoba Municipality about 2 kilometers from Bukoba Bus stand. The house is facing the high way about 30 meters from the road and it is already sued by Tanzania Road Agency for crackdown

He said few minutes later his grandmother told him to leave the area

“Bibi told me to vacate the premise, I and grandmother left the house together with our neighbors, and we slept outside for three days” he says

When he asked if he is scared, he says “I don’t even to think of it, it’s dangerous”

A boy lives with his mother Imelda Sebastian in Karagwe and his father Sebastian Felix works in Mtwara region