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The objective is to impro­ve life of the most vulnerable people through provision of health education, community-based health and care services

The programs implemented current are:

1. HIV prevention, care and support programs.
This program comprises of:

  • Peer Information and Education on HIV prevention programs in Shinyanga and Coast regions.
  • Community Home Based Care programs targeting chronically ill patients including PLWHIV (People living with HIV) in Tanga, Kilimanjaro and Shinyanga.

The objectives of these programs are to raise skill based HIV prevention to young people aged 10 – 24 years (in and out of schools) through peer education, Reinforce the role of parents and other key influential leaders and to increase Family Planning use and improved Family Planning and Reproductive Health practice. To increase home based care activities for chronic and ill patients with HIV/AIDS.

2. Blood Donation Program:

This program is operational in nine regions and is responsible for recruitment and retention of voluntary non remunerated repeating blood donors as part of the National Blood Trans­fusion services. This program is being implemented together with the Ministry of Health; the latter is operational in the rest of the regions and is responsible for the entire management of collected blood.

3. Malaria prevention

Through promotion of prompt use of medical services and use of long lasting insecticides treated nets.

4. Zanzibar Disaster Management/Water and sanitation inte­grated project

This is focusing on improving water sources, sani­tation and hygiene promotion and capacity buil­ding of the Red Cross branches

The objective is to reduce the burden of diseases associated with inaccessibility to safe adequate water, sanitation and hygiene practices.