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Since the birth of the Red Cross/Crescent Movement out of compassion shown by Henry Dunant in the battle of Solferino, voluntary action has been at its heart. Henry Dunant’s task now would be known as volunteer management: he recruited local people to meet local needs. The movement has of course moved beyond battlefield, many people have joined the movement to help vulnerable people and alleviate human suffering.

TRCS volunteers have continued to work tirelessly in times of needs and have maintained good working relationships with members of staff and the public in general.

A Tanzania Red Cross Volunteer is a person who freely contributes his/her services occasionally or regularly, not by a desire for material or financial gain or by external social, economic or political affiliation. Volunteers may or may not be members of Tanzania Red Cross Society

Tanzania Red Cross Society understands the vital contribution of volunteers in the humanitarian endeavour of supporting the most vulnerable and alleviating human suffering. Therefore;

  • The Society is committed to promoting volunteering as a significant and positive contribution to mobilizing the power of humanity in improving the lives of the most vulnerable and to strengthening communities and civil society.
  • It recognizes and values volunteering as a means of creating and supporting a network of people who are available for TRCS in responding to emergency situations.
  • It values all volunteers primarily for their individual contributions, enthusiasm and commitment, as well as for the experience and skills they can and will bring along.
  • It is aware of and values informal volunteering in communities outside the society program and activities through grass root development activities especially in the field of promotion of health and disaster preparedness.

The partnering of German Red Cross and Tanzania Red Cross Society under the International Voluntary Service Program is a timely opportunity and is in line with the TRCS Strategic Development Plan 2009 - 2011, the Federation’s strategy 2010, ARCHI 2010 and the Federation Volunteer Agenda 2005.