Widow wants to commit suicide after earthquakes struck her house

By Khamar Kashoro.

Yasinta  Sylivester (36) who lost her husband in May this year said she wanted to commit suicide after her house was struck and completely perished by a 5.9 magnitude earthquake in September 10

She says “The crashing big stone replaced her seven room house at Kashabo/ Magengeni Street in Bukoba municipality”

“I left my small young daughter aged at 12 and went for shopping at our local Magengeni market. There I heard a big shaking of the land and I saw buildings collapsing. After the first tremors, I went back home and saw only dust……my God!! I thought my daughter was not alive, I wanted to kill my self” she said

“I cried a lot and thought that she has died like my husband but my neighbours comforted me. Surprisingly in few minutes later I saw my daughter coming” she said.

“Thanks God for life, but I’ve no where to go with my children. I have lost everything including my cash money worth 280,000/Tsh” she says

She says that the government officials have visited her while with nothing in hands saying that only Red Cross has helped her with relief aid such as blankets, mosquito nets, rice, flours, soap and other humanitarian items.