What roles can you play as a volunteer of TRCS?

At the local level, TRCS Volunteers are at the heart of the most of activities to assist vulnerable people. Volunteers can be recruited through dissemination, during events, meetings, one to one basis, through programmes and mass media. It is the huge network of volunteers which make us what we are. Volunteers Act in accordance with the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and promote their dissemination.

  • Respect the regulation on the use of the emblem and prevent its misuse and abuse.
  • Strive and work for the highest standards of quality.
  • Sign and behave in accordance with TRCS code of conduct for volunteers, rules and or the TRCS code of ethics and fundamentals of voluntary services.
  • Be available to assigned duties, as agreed with the sub branch, branch or headquarters and according to their skills and abilities.
  • Respond to the needs of beneficiaries and strengthen their capacity for self-help and active volunteering.
  • Establish a positive working relationship with other volunteers and staff by improving communication and being aware of the importance of interaction.
  • Exercise teamwork, be ready to learn and share experience with other volunteers.
  • Promote mutual understanding with people they work with and for.
  • If in doubt, seek advice on TRCS or branch matters from the appropriate authority before taking a decision.

Leadership Volunteers:

At the leadership level, volunteers also play a key role. The National Chairman of the TRCS is a volunteer. Volunteers who are members of governing boards are responsible for the work and behavior of the organization and attend the general assembly to adopt statutes and decide on major policies and future work. They are board members at the local, regional or national level, and are elected to committees.

Volunteers Membership:

The Tanzania Red Cross Society services that are provided to those in need depend on the donations from its members and other people with kind heart.

How to become a Member

In order for the Red Cross Society to continue to provide its services you are encouraged to become a member in one of the following:

Membership Fees

Adult Membership
Adult membership : Tshs. 500.00

Annual Fee : Tshs. 3,000.00

Youth Membership
Adult membership : Tshs. 200.00

Annual Fee : Tshs. 1,000.00